Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) seems to have kept a close eye on the functioning of its various sports facilities, including stadiums and swimming pools in the city, in the wake of unearthing of financial irregularities.

With no clue to revenue being realised and the expenditure incurred annually on the maintenance of these facilities, the Corporation is gearing up to streamline the system in the sports arena, and is toying with the idea of introducing non-cash transfers.

Hereafter, admission fee and monthly fee would be accepted only at the citizen’s charter counters of the VMC. For this, the Corporation is developing a special software to keep a tab on the ‘balance sheets’ of sports facilities, as so far there are no separate records for the expenditure being incurred for the management of this vast infrastructure, Commissioner P.S. Pradyumna said on Monday. Bill collectors would be empowered to keep on an eye on these collections and non-serious members, who turn up once in a while would not be allowed to renew membership, he indicated.

He said the VMC had taken a serious note of the unauthorised entry of people into the sports complexes in the city.

The officials, at an inspection recently, found “unauthorised people and non-serious members” outnumbering the regular and serious players. “The stadiums are not clubs to offer life memberships. Only a serious player should be given a chance to enter the premises. We will issue identity cards to the members,” Mr. Pradyumna said.