Film: Oye (Telugu)

Cast: Siddarth, Shamilee

Direction: Anand Ranga

Telugu cinema can thrive even without original themes if treated by clever filmmakers but films such as this will not only make you feel the pinch on the pocket but will remind one to put time to perfect use.

‘Oye’ is a pastiche of scenes from many different Telugu films and also the structure of the film helps the audience recall the famous Maniratnam’s romance ‘Gitanjali’, except for here, the hero doesn’t die. This film marks the debut of child artiste Shamilee as the heroine and she the hero’s first love, calls him ‘Oye!’

Except for the novel title, the director hardly pays any attention to developing the plot or creating memorable scenes, there is no spark of creativity.

Sandhya (Shamilee) has everything going wrong for her, her name not withstanding.

The bespectacled young lady has a sad story, her grandfather dies and when her parents go to immerse the ashes, they are killed in an accident.

Now her granny goes to do the pious job and she dies too. Sandhya hopes to empty the urn in Kasi but before that she is diagnosed as having cancer.

But much before that she falls in love with Uday (Siddarth) though he is the one who woos her and lives in her home as a paying guest.

The movie is good enough to fill your spare time if you just want to see how Shamilee now looks like.