Cap ‘flu’ with cough etiquette!

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Whether it is swine flu or common flu, precautions must during the monsoon

HYDERABAD: With temperatures set to plunge by a degree or two, physicians believe that time has come for public in twin cities to brace up for absenteeism, cough etiquette and as a last resort home quarantine.

Irrespective of whether it is a swine flu or a common flu, public during this monsoon and winter should be cautious and take precautions.

Given the difficulties involved in differentiating between a common flu and swine flu, doctors maintain that it would be better to take precautions.

Taking leave from work or school for a few days in case of cold, maintaining cough etiquette and a last resort of volunteering for a home quarantine are vital, doctors feel. “With respect to swine flu nobody can be certain and claim that its spread among public has been prevented. Anything can happen and it is necessary to be cautious. We are lucky because unlike Europe and US till now swine flu has not shown signs of spreading among general public,” says coordinator for A (H1N1) influenza flu virus Dr. K. Subhakar.

Home quarantine

With too many persons getting infected with swine flu and too little infrastructure to support, authorities in US and UK are asking patients to take up home quarantine. “We can’t do that here because patients are not meticulous. They somehow find ways to infect others in the family. Therefore, we are asking everyone to follow cough etiquette,” he adds.


Doctors point out that school managements, business establishments and software companies should be willing to grant few days leave for students and workers in case they fall sick due to flu. “The managements should be flexible because one can’t be certain whether the person is suffering with common or swine flu. Granting a few days leave to recover is the only option,” says Superintendent of Government General and Chest Hospital Dr. S. V. Prasad.



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