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Event is part of jubilee fete of Rangaraya Medical College

Organisers speak on methods of surgeries

Chief Minister scheduled to attend valedictory

Kakinada: The medical exhibition organised as part of the golden jubilee celebrations of Rangaraya Medical College (RMC) drew huge crowds on Sunday. With only three days remaining for the event to conclude (on Jan 3),a large number of students and general public visited the exhibition and had a first hand account of the physiological and surgical aspects of the human body displayed in vivid detail.

RMC principal S Raj Kumar, exhibition committee chairman Vikram Kumar and other faculty members gave valuable insight into the functions of different organs of the body. The students of RMC and doctors of Government General Hospital, Kakinada, explained the various branches of medical science like cardiology, pathology, gynaecology and gastroenterology by showing live and artificial models of the respective organs.

The organisers also dwelt at length on the various methods of surgeries that gave a fresh lease of life to those suffering from ailments of the vital organs like the heart, liver and kidneys. An audio visual presentation of some rare surgeries done in the GGH was also given. A team of doctors led by MS Raju spoke about the surgical aspects of the human bodies. Stalls were also set up by the para-clinical wing of the GGH.

Deputy Superintendent of the GGH N Mohan Rao, doctors SV Ramana, K Babji, Mahalakshmi, AV Mohan and Lakshmoji Naidu were among those present.

The celebrations are drawing to a close on January 5. Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy is scheduled to participate as chief guest in the valedictory. A large number of NRIs who studied in the RMC are coming to share the moments of glory.

The medical exhibition was preceded by cultural events and an inter-medical sports tournament.