It is a known fact that the condition of roads in the twin cities are deplorable. The civic authorities do not seem to be bothered and it is unfortunate that the public are made to suffer.

Everywhere the roads are in a battered condition and in some areas, particularly the main roads, there are number of pot holes, which are getting deeper due to the movement of traffic. The worst roads in Secunderabad area are Oliphant bridge, Marredpally, near Jubilee bus-station and Diamond point. Hopefully the roads will be repaired on a war-footing.

C K Chelvaraj

Padmarao Nagar

Temple management course

With reference to ‘Temple management institute planned’ (The Hindu dated 13/12/07), I suggest that a diploma certificate/PG course in temple management be started, preferably at Tirumala. Further, I request the government to appoint as members of various temple trust boards people who have a spiritual outlook, authored and lectures on various tropics connected with our religion and dharma.

Kakuturu Nagaraja Rao,

Yousufguda Checkpost

Belligerent cadres

The increasing belligerence on the part of Majlis legislators and cadres is a sad reflection of the state of affairs in Hyderabad. The government’s inaction to deal with errant MIM cadres firmly as per law, emboldened them and their attack on writers, doctors and government officials has increased. The attack on Taslima Nasreen was swept under the carpet and the raid on Niloufer hospital by MIM legislator failed to move the CM, who it appears is scared to utter even a harsh word against MIM’s cult of violence.

Recently MIM cadres attacked a lady doctor. If YSR’s inaction continues, such attacks may erupt once again..

T.S. Rao,