Special Correspondent

VIJAYAWADA: Activists of the TDP and the Congress had a showdown over the issue of free power to farmers in Tenneru village in Krishna district on Sunday.

Police had to resort to lathi-charge before the clash took a serious turn. The atmosphere became charged when former Vijayawada MP Gadde Ramamohan and the sitting MP Lagadapati Rajagopal arrived there in the evening as part of a debate organised by a vernacular television channel.

The two leaders disagreed over the “proper” implementation of the scheme in the debate that was telecast live a few days ago. They decided to check ground realities by visiting a village in Krishna district. Mr. Ramamohan suggested that they verify the situation at Tenneru village.

Mr. Rajagopal learnt that farmers with more than two and half acres of wet land were not eligible. Because of this guideline, 74 farmers were not eligible. The TDP activists argued that Congress promised free power to all farmers but denied big farmers the facility. Meanwhile, Congress activists from other villages came to Tenneru and a brawl began.