PR engineer drops cell phones; tries to flee on being challenged by SPF

He and his colleagues came on some work

Dropped covers had Rs. 25,000 in cash

HYDERABAD: Police personnel apprehended an Assistant Engineer of the Panchayat Raj department working in Karimnagar after the latter tried to escape after abandoning two cellular phones and a couple of packets in Secretariat on Wednesday.

High drama was witnessed as a Special Protection Force (SPF) constable saw an engineer dropping the cell phones and few covers and making a bid to run away on being challenged.

The police personnel along with others chased the person and nabbed him when the latter tried to climb the Secretariat compound wall.

Police apprehended the person identified as B. Rajeswara Rao, Assistant Engineer in Panchayat Raj department in Karimnagar district. During questioning, he reportedly told the police that he along with five other engineers had come to the Secretariat on some work.

Rajeswara Rao along with his colleagues, who were identified as Damodar, Deputy Executive Engineer, Manohar, Vidyasagar, Chandrasekhar and Dhananjay, all Assistant Engineers in PR department and suspended recently, had come to Secretariat on some work.

He claimed that his colleagues had given him the covers and cell phones as they went inside a department to meet some officials. “Police accosted me and enquired about the covers I was holding. I panicked and started running, leaving behind the cover and cell phones,” he said.

Feigns ignorance

He feigned ignorance as to what was inside the cover.

The Saifabad Inspector K. V. Ramanarasimha Reddy, who rushed to Secretariat on information, found that the covers contained Rs. 25,000 in cash and some cellular phones.

Rajeswara Rao was whisked away to Saifabad police station later.