The article ‘When open space is a curse’ published in The Hindu dated 6-12-2007 is quite interesting. Similar is the situation prevailing in the residential colonies in Vanasthalipuram area, viz. Kamalanagar, Saradanagar and other. The owners purchased plots some years ago but rarely come to see the plots and some owners come once in a blue moon only to check if the real estate prices have gone up. These vacant plots are used not only as a dump yard, but they become an effective breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects and also snakes.

These thorny bushes and shrubs also become a ground for health hazard to the neighbouring residents. who feel inconvenient and get agonized. The environments should be kept clean and tidy and a congenial atmosphere should be ensured for better living.



Drunken driving

Apropos the news item “Drunken driving will land you in jail” (The Hindu dated 08-12-2007), it is very good that the government is trying to check drunken driving to reduce accidents’ rate. But no body clarifies the bench mark in breath analysers for ascertaining the intake of alcohol which could be dangerous to drivers as well as other commuters. Absence of transparency (printouts – vis-À-vis pollution tests) will only help fatten the packets of dishonest law enforcing authorities or treasury and an occasional gulp may land, normally law abiding citizens like Army officers, senior citizens, business executives etc., in avoidable trouble.

I therefore, request Officer Smt. Poonam Malakondaiah to take into cognizance, the genuine doubts of self driving car/scooter owners and clarify the timings between which these checks are proposed to be carried out, whether a printout of breath analyzer results will be given or state the quantum of intake of alcohol that cannot be construed dangerous.

Let me add that any form of alcohol at any given time is not good for health, driving or not.



Congrats Lok Satta

First, the Lok Satta party is to be congratulated for publishing the list of MLAs who have not yet submitted their assets to the Assembly Speaker till now. It is most unfortunate that the Chief Minister and Finance Minister also failed to submit regularly the details in this respect.

It is learnt that several members have not yet submitted their lists of assets so far. Wonder what explanation would these members offer to the public in a democratic set-up as ours?

K. Nagaraja Rao,