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Contractors transport sand to Chennai through remote villages and make a fast buck

Venkatachalam mandal people raising a hue and cry regarding illegal sand movement

NELLORE: Despite the concerted efforts being made by the police, transport, revenue and mines departments to check illegal transportation of sand to neighbouring Tamil Nadu, unauthorised movement of sand from Nellore district to Chennai still continues albeit in a different manner.

Thanks to the indifferent attitude of some employees of the four departments, who have been allowing illegal sand transportation to Chennai through remote villages in the quest for fast buck.

And the clandestine transportation of sand during night-time seems to be going largely unchecked due to the political-official-sand mafia nexus defrauding the exchequer.

Though the tracking teams being formed by the four departments seized some lorries on charge of illegal sand transportation to Chennai, it might involve only a fraction of the volumes handled.

And this illegal activity has been going on for several years despite a check post at Tada near Tamil Nadu border, if the quantum of unauthorised movement is any indication.

In fact denizens of Venkatachalam mandal have been raising hue and cry regarding illegal sand movement through remote villages in view of the patrolling on important lanes.

They allege that several unscrupulous elements have been transporting sand to border villages such as Ramapuram, Tadakuppam, Varadayapalem and other nearby hamlets regularly from sand reaches at Penna, Swarnamukhi Kalangi and other rivers in Nellore district to Chennai. Subsequently, sand is being transported to Chennai to exploit the demand in view of the construction boom in the metropolitan city.