Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Property dispute between two siblings led to the killing of the younger of them at S.R. Nagar late on Tuesday night.

A private company employee Keerthi Kumar, 35, smashed the head of his brother Ranjit, 32, with a boulder when the latter quarrelled with him in drunken condition at Borabanda, the police said. The two brothers gave their land site at B.K. Guda to a property developer, who built a complex.

Ranjit lives in Miyapur. Recently, he began demanding his brother to get one of the tenants vacated saying he would use that portion for his personal purpose. This created a rift between them. Around 11.30 p.m., the victim, accompanied by four of his friends, came to Kumar’s rented house in Borabanda and picked up an argument allegedly in an inebriated condition.

A fight ensued as Ranjit started abusing his brother. In a fit of rage, Kumar smashed his brother’s head with a boulder and fled the spot. The accused was taken into custody late on Wednesday night.