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HYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh Auto and Taxi Drivers Union on Thursday requested the Transport Department to extend the date of digital meter mela for the convenience of all auto drivers.

Around 5,000 drivers only installed the devices ever since the month-long digital meters mela started from November 25 at Parade Grounds in Secunderabad.

Request made

“We request officials concerned to extend the date of mela as it will not be possible for all the 1.10 lakh auto drivers to fix digital meters within the stipulated time,” Union General Secretary A. Ravi Shankar said in a press release here.

He also asked the Government to provide financial assistance to drivers.

Strike deferred

The Telangana Auto Drivers Joint Action Committee has deferred its indefinite auto strike, which was to commence from midnight of Thursday.

The committee however, demanded that the government increase the auto fares by year end.

The committee threatened to park the autorickshaws on the roads to disrupt traffic, if the government did not yield to the demand.