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Nine-day Telugu Bhasha Brahmotsavalu off to a colourful start

TIRUPATI: The nine-day Telugu Bhasha Brahmotsavalu, which got off to a traditional start here on Saturday in the TTD’s Mahathi Auditorium, expressed concern over the Telugu culture, language and pride getting mired in the quicksand of westernisation and has underscored the urgent need to pull it out of the quagmire caused by the cultural invasion.

Initiating the deliberations at the meet which would discuss in depth the various facets of the Telugu literature, heritage, culture and so on, the TTD Board Chairman, B. Karunakar Reddy, whose organisation--Telugu Samskruti Vikasa Vedika is hosting the grand fete, said that the future would brand us as ‘traitors’ if we do not correct the course and take up the renaissance of Telugu and its rich ethos.

Veda Dharma

TTD’s Executive Officer, K.V. Ramanachary said the Tirupati fete should inspire like-minded bodies elsewhere in the State and in the country to work for a cultural and spiritual renaissance.

In the technical session which followed, in an hour-long lecture on ‘Veda Dharma’, Vedic exponent, Samavedam Shanmukha Sarma said that Vedic culture was ingrained in the Telugu culture and said that Telugu language acquired its beauty only because Vedic literature and Sanskrit was deeply inter mixed with it.

He said there was nothing which was not there in the Vedas as agreed even by western researchers.

Chairman of the Official Language Commission, A.B.K. Prasad wanted that English teaching must begin simultaneously both in the English and the Telugu medium schools.

He said it would be a sad day for Telugu when people start getting a feeling that learning Telugu was a waste in their fad for soft skills and communication skills.

Kurthalam Peethadhipathi in his lecture said that though Sanskrit is the mother of Telugu, it had its own interest and innate strengths and said claimed that it was the only language which had its own deities like Veerabhadrudu and others.