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Tough stance in view of overloading

Officials told to start seizing the lorries

Now, even quarry owner will be made respondent

VIJAYAWADA: The Transport Department has decided to initiate tough measures to deal with the problem of overloading of lorries by seizing the erring vehicles and also prosecuting the drivers, the vehicle owners as well as the quarry owners.

Transport officials say that the tough stance has become necessary in the wake of owners continuing to resort to overloading despite high compounding fee imposed by the department. It has been observed by the authorities that the owners are not caring to pay the compounding amount and they do not want to lose quick money that comes in the form of overloading.After noticing the continuing problem, Transport Commissioner Poonam Malakondaiah has instructed the officials concerned to start seizing the sand lorries if they are found overloaded and send the vehicles and the load to the court. The decision has been taken as the collection of compounding fee is found to be of “no use”.Deputy Transport Commissioner T. Raghunath said on Thursday that once the vehicle was found carrying an overload, the driving licence of the driver would be cancelled as a mark of tough measures adopted by the department. The driver and owner would be made respondents in the case.

Mr. Raghunath said that the latest instruction was that even the quarry owner would be made a respondent in the case pertaining to overloading and even his quarry lease licence could be cancelled if he was found violating the rules. The Mines and Geology Department was being involved in the overall drive to contain and prevent sand lorries from creating road traffic problems and also damage to roads, he added.