The adventure story about three children and the charismatic treasure seeker takes us to mysterious places in old Prague, to the ruins of an ancient water castle and among some strange beings from time long bygone.

Redness Of Unripe Apple

Fifteen-year old Reza lives with his widowed mother and elder brother.

His mother works in a factory and has a marriage proposal from a co-worker, but she is reluctant to share the news with her sons.

Eventually, she makes up her mind but an unexpected accident during the marriage ceremony ends up in the death of Reza’s brother. Tajik, his stepfather is found guilty of murder. Meanwhile, Reza learns about the reality of his brother’s life.

The Genie In A Tin Of Ravioli

Armand works on the assembly-line of a tinned pasta factory.

As always when he returns home at night, Armand opens a tin of ravioli for dinner.

But tonight, a genie comes out of the tin!

He offers to fulfil two of Armand’s wishes. An animation film by Claude Barras from France.


A story about Yangfei, an urban teenager who refuses to accept his stepmother after she marries his workaholic surgeon father. To escape from the unhappy reality, he decides to run away from home and search for his cyber girlfriend.