Former Mayor D.V. Subba Rao is quite pained at the disturbing developments in the city of late. At meetings he had participated recently, he made no bones about the turn of events. He was particularly referring to the killing of a bank officer allegedly over recovery of loan and thefts in several localities, including one in his daughter’s house in a busy locality.

He recalled his interaction with A.K. Mohanty, first Commissioner of the city, when he was mayor. He used to talk about the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the city without any major crime. But Mr. Mohanty used to tell him that he would be happy if the same could be said after two decades. Much water has flowed under the bridge since and the city had been rocked by violent incidents and burglaries. Now Mr. Subba Rao says Mr. Mohanty had been right in his observation. One only wishes that he were wrong, for once.

A patient hearing, indeed!

VIPs and guests at a meeting or conference are more often turn the proceedings boring and unbearable with their long speeches that have no relevance to the topic. We have our own (rather big) share of politicians and other VIPs and this tribe exists even in the US and one must be shocked to know that former President Bill Clinton is a most feared speaker, according to a professor from the University of California.

Prof. C.V. Ramamoorthy, an Emeritus Professor of the university, was here recently to participate in an international workshop. He described how Mr. Clinton would test the patience of his listeners, sending the gathering into ruptures.

“For about 15 minutes the audience will be quiet, expecting Mr. Clinton to complete his “opening remarks”. But Mr. Clinton would not bother to understand what the audience expect him to do. After a while some try to make him understand that he has to stop. Then they start clapping.

This won’t have any effect on Mr. Clinton. Then all the audience would stand on their feet and start clapping. Mr. Clinton thinks he is being appreciated and continues. Some half-an-hour later he would conclude his speech thanking the audience for their patient hearing”, said Prof. Ramamoorthy.

MSR at it again

Senior Congress leader M. Satyanarayana Rao has the knack of always causing embarrassment to his party leadership. MSR landed the Congress in real soup when he threw a challenge to his nephew and TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao to resign and contest against him. KCR took up the challenge but in the byelection that ensued, it was not MSR but Jeevan Reddy who was pitted against KCR and lost.

And the latest comment by MSR that it was YSR who was coming in the way of forming a separate Telangana state even though Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the high command were willing to give it is sure to land the Congress and himself in further trouble.

Normally, such audacious remarks attract nothing less than suspension from party. But with other leaders like P. Janardhan Reddy and M. Sashidhar Reddy defying the State leadership openly day in and day out with impunity, MSR too may survive and prove to be a great boon to the Telugu Desam party in the latter’s revival.

(G.V.Prasada Sarma,

G. Narasimha Rao and Prabhakkar Sharma)