Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

ZAFARGADH (WARANGAL DT.): With tears rolling down, a Muslim woman, Pasha Bi (30) of Kunuru village, narrates her plight after illicit liquor has taken the life of her husband. It was heart rending and worth listening to by the fellow women.

Ms. Bi said the ‘gudumba’ had claimed the life of her husband at a young age and after that she was deserted by everyone. She was forced to come out of the house for work to feed her three children.

“It is not the question of hard work. I am unable to bear the discrimination a widowed woman faces in society. My own family members treat me differently. And I can tell you how horrible life is for a woman whose husband is dead,” she went on saying.

Her story filled the hearts of those gathered there with pain and sorrow.

There were seven other widows who too had lost their husbands due to ‘gudumba’ menace in the village. On Sunday, the Lok Satta held a meeting to highlight the issue and launched a ‘padayatra’ demanding closure of belt shops and ‘gudumba’ brewing centres.


The ‘padayatra’ would cover 30 villages in Zaffargadh, Station Ghanpur and Dharmasagar mandals before reaching the district collectorate on November 6.

Recently, the Lok Satta Party paraded these young widows in front of Collector K. Damayanthi who readily sanctioned milch animals to benefit these women.

Mahila Satta convener and advocate B. Rama Devi, thanking the Collector for her gesture, however, argued that it was no solution providing temporary solace to the women.