‘Lottery’ to decide MLCs’ terms had all the elements of a suspense thriller

HYDERABAD: The draw of lots to decide the tenure of the Members of Legislative Council on Friday had all the elements of a suspense thriller that led to elation for some and dejection for others.

At the stroke of 3 p.m., the Legislature Secretary K.Tuljanand Singh began the process of draw of lots to fix the two, four and six-year tenure of members. Just as Mr. Singh read out the mandatory bulletin announcing the draw of lots, Congress member Paladugu Venkata Rao objected to the use of paper chits.

Other members also joined him questioning the procedure of picking lots. They argued that the paper chits would be soiled and instead wanted plastic chits to be used to decide their fate. Mr. Singh clarified that Election Commission of India had prescribed the said procedure and there could be no deviation.

Most of the MLCs appeared tense and with bated breath saw the first chit with the name of Kompally Yadava Reddy being taken out of a plastic box meant for those elected by MLAs.

Those who got six-year term hugged each other, shook hands, flashed victory sign and posed for photographs. Council members such as Pulla Padavathi, Durgesh Prasad (both TDP), P. Yadagiri, Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Masquati and Sidda Raghava Rao (all TDP) and B. Mohan Reddy (Teachers constituency) were elated as they got six-year term. Reacting to the draw of lots, H. A. Rahman of TRS, who got two-year term said, fight for a separate Telangana State was more important for him rather than the tenure. K. R. Amos (Congress) said curtailment of his term to two years would not make any difference as he would continue to raise his voice for an early decision on Telangana. Y. B. Rajendra Prasad, who filed a petition challenging the procedure, said he would continue to pursue the Court case notwithstanding a six-year term for him. Council chairman A. Chakrapani said draw of lots was inevitable when the Upper House is revived.