Staff Reporter

NIZAMABAD: In a landmark decision here on Wednesday evening, the Senior Civil Judge C. Shyam Sundar directed the Government to pay Rs. 1.50 lakh with 12 per cent interest from the date of suit till the realisation of amount to Banala Namona, wife of an encounter victim Banala Kotaiah of Dubbaka village.

Defendants (the police) argued that Kotaiah, a dacoit was killed on Kalur road in the wee hours of October 5, 1998 when they opened fire to quell some persons who attacked the policemen during the patrolling. The patrolling police opened fire in self-defence and later found Kotaiah was dead.

Giving details of the case the plaintiff (Ms. Namona)’s lawyer Gorrepati Madhava Rao, said the judge in his decision held that there was no iota of believable evidence to say that the victim attacked the police party.

It was a clear case of custodial death.