HYDERABAD: Beneficiaries of Valmiki Ambedkar Awas Yojana (Vambay) on Wednesday took possession of their house units at Kukatpally Allwyn Colony, amidst allegations that the district administration was ‘slowing down’ the process of giving ‘ownership’ rights to them.

Over 300 beneficiaries, mostly women from weaker sections, welcomed State Bharatiya Janata Party president Bandaru Dattatreya, who performed Pooja before they took possession of the houses. They said there were 700 families, which were yet to receive fully constructed houses under the scheme.

“For one year, we have been fighting to occupy our allotted houses. They are intentionally delaying the allotment,” argued 80-year-old Kantamma, a resident of Indiranagar. Initially, the scheme promised to provide shelter to all the 1,120 families of this colony.

Under the scheme, 1,100 house units were sanctioned out of which only 330 units were constructed while the remaining units are at various stages of completion. The district administration had not made any arrangements to provide basic amenities like roads, water supply, drainage and electricity here. “We paid Rs. 6,110 in 2003 in addition to Rs. 250 per month to the bank for the home loan. Despite this, the administration has not constructed our houses. We have decided to live here and fight for our rights,” said P. Savithri.

“The district authorities are giving importance to Indiramma housing scheme while conveniently forgetting the Vambay scheme. There are still about 770 units to be completed. I asked the government complete these houses as early as possible,” Mr. Dattatreya told media persons.