The people’s representatives in Parliament and State Assembly should religiously follow a few points.

They spend at least one week in a year in their constituencies, apart from attending to Parliament and Assembly sessions regularly. More so, they should not disrupt the proceedings in the House on flimsy grounds, and put the nation first and power last in the order of priorities.

They should step down if a criminal case was slapped against them, and should not contest the elections until they got clean chit.

In addition, they should use the perks of office judiciously, apart from vacating their official residences once their term was completed.

Above all, they should disclose the assets in their name, and should not take others on their family members’ passports.

D. Mohan Rao


Ban cricket

It is shameful thing to note that the Indians give less weightage to supreme sacrifices than shortlived joy over cricket triumphs.

It is regrettable to not that our patriotism has been eclipsed with undue frenzy cricket game by not giving appropriate tribute to Major K. P. Vinay Kumar, who sacrificed his life for India. The cricket affects adversely not only on the services

and goods produced in

the country but also on the total education wing at


The developed countries like USA, Russia, Germany and Japan have totally banned the crazy cricket in view of its adverse affects.

Now, it is the time for Parliament to examine the advantages and disadvantages of having cricket in India and enact necessary legislation to ban accordingly to achieve all round development of the country.

M. Blessing Moses

Penumantra, West Godavari District


In the recent past, it became a common practice to award doctorate to each and every one, though they have not done any useful work or service to society.

The sanctity of the doctorate award would denigrate if the present trend continued.

B.V. Subrahmanya Sastry


Set up JKCs in degree colleges

The State Government has set up Jawahar Knowledge Centres (JKCs) in the State in December 2004 to enable the students of the engineering colleges to equip themselves with soft and communication skills.

The other States were also adopting the concept, as the students of JKCs achieved 100 percent success.

At the same time the State Government extended the concept to select degree colleges also.

I request the Government to give priority to the degree colleges located in rural

areas so that rural poor

could secure jobs soon after they complete their graduation.

I Subash Samuel

Ulavapadu, Prakasam District