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800 villages are likely to benefit

Sangareddy: With the Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited, Medak telecom district, deciding to offer broadband facilities to 800 villages through 124 of its exchanges, telemedicine could become a reality. The broadband allows simultaneous running of 4 mbps cable television through computer and 2 mbps of Internet even in rural areas.

Doctors in rural areas could receive images and seek the advise of specialists in other places. So far this facility was limited to towns like Sangareddy, Patancheru, Narsapur, Zaheerabad, Jogipet, Medak, Gajwel and Siddipet.

Facility by March

Speaking to The Hindu general manager of Medak telecom Y. Kiran Kumar said that many small towns would receive the broadband facility by March. The telecom would be able to offer 5,000 connections through the copper cable network.

He said that the work on strengthening and rectifying the existing copper cable has already begun. He pointed out that BSNL has the edge over other private operators as it would cost only Rs. 4,000 per connection where as the private operators have to spend as much Rs. 40,000 per connection on infrastructure alone.

The general manager also advised the farmers who become sitting ducks to frequent lightening strike in the Telangana region particularly in the Medak district not to stand on both of their feet at the time of the lightening. Reasoning it out Kiran Kumar said that the dry land in this region and a thin layer of rain water spreads the electricity very fast.

He said that only 16 milli amperes of energy through both legs and another 6 micro amperes through heart would be enough kill a person. To stop the power circulating through the body one must jump on a rock or cemented floor and stand on one feet or by sitting in a thinking posture.