Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Twentytwo Bangladeshis, who illegally migrated to Hyderabad and even secured ration and voter identity cards, were arrested by the city police here on Monday.

While some of them had been living here for years, a few arrived in the past six months, Commissioner’s Task Force DCP V.B. Kamalasan Reddy said. The arrests were made during the raids at Jirra, Muradnagar and Zebabagh in Asifnagar and Mir Alam Mandi in the old city in the backdrop of an alert that four Bangladeshi nationals were planning terror strikes in the city.

The Bangladeshis confessed to the police that they managed to sneak into India by bribing brokers at the bordering towns like Raj Sahi and Murshidabad. The DCP said Bangladeshi brokers A.R. Mohammad and Doctor Saab helped them cross the border. Three of them - Ateeq, Saifuddin and Syed Anwar - married Hyderabadi women. The arrested illegal migrants included two women. Most of them were into the business of making bags. Mr. Reddy said the police were suspecting that many more Bangladesh nationals had migrated in a similar fashion and living here illegally.