Insipid and clichéd

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NO SHOW: The lead pair Vishal and Priyamani in ‘Bhayya’.
NO SHOW: The lead pair Vishal and Priyamani in ‘Bhayya’.

Film: Bhayya (Telugu)

Cast: Vishal, Priyamani

Direction: Bhupati Pandiyan

Heavy on stunts and action, ‘Bhayya’ hardly has any intensity and is clichéd. Even the so called plots with a ‘twist’ fall flat and one can easily sense them coming. The surprise element simply goes for a toss.

While the movie tells a reasonably interesting story, the presentation is somewhat bland.

Redeeming feature?

The redeeming feature in this film is that you are not introduced to Vishal in the same usual way….the camera panning from bottom to top while he lifts and folds his dhoti.

Here one gets to see him playing some sport with a tender coconut, replaced by a football.

It’s a harbinger of what’s to come. For many viewers, ‘Bhayya’ represents the pinnacle of pragmatic action.

There’s a job to be done, clearing scum (Ajay, et al) off the streets, and he’s prepared to do whatever is necessary to get his kidnapped lady love back; it’s not that he enjoys the violence, these are merely essential weapons in his daily toolkit.

Pathetic humour

When he is not looking serious, the hero even feeds crows and has the patience to listen to Urvashi and Ashish Vidyarthi’s flashback.

Their humour is downright pathetic (they look ridiculous in their costumes and wigs) and one wouldn’t smile even if tickled.

Priyamani has hardly anything to do apart from looking vulnerable though she does a ‘good’ job dancing and running around trees.

The story turns interesting only when the heroine says she is in love with the villain!

For front-benchers

On the whole, this flick seems to be only for the front-benchers with nothing exceptional for the serious viewer.




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