HYDERABAD: World Wildlife Fund-India, the country’s premier nature conservation organisation, is staging a play titled ‘Carry on Heaven’ at Ravindra Bharati here on October 7 to generate funds for its conservation project to be initiated in Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Adilabad.


A press release issued here by World Wildlife Fund-India, Andhra Pradesh State Office, said the once luxuriant Kawal sanctuary was increasingly getting threatened by growing human encroachments, rampant poaching, illegal wood felling and habitat loss.


The project is aimed at protecting and recovering wildlife population in Adilabad, through socio-economic empowerment and capacity-building of Gond tribals, who would be employed as wildlife trackers in the sanctuary.

The play is written and directed by Bharat Dabholkar, with music by Louis Banks.


On the same day World Wildlife Fund will release its publication ‘The Common Birds and Mammals of Andhra Pradesh’.

This is a fully-coloured and hand-illustrated field guide with information on 42 mammals, 157 bird species, eco-systems and protected areas.

It is the first book to be released in World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Andhra Pradesh Natural Heritage Series’.