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The 22-year-old was selected as a Junior Commissioned Officer in the Army

He is only NCC cadet from Kakinada group to be selected in the Army in one and a half years

Chaitanya gives full credit to his parents for his achievement

Kakinada: For 22-year-old J. Krishna Chaitanya, life is set to become a really challenging one and self-satisfying too as he takes the first few steps of his career in the Armed Forces.

Till a couple of months ago, this lanky youngster was only a trainee of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). Today, he is a proud officer of the Indian Army, selected by Services Selection Board (SSB) after his passing out of NCC in July this year.

Mr. Chaitanya is the only NCC cadet from Kakinada Group comprising East and West Godavari and Krishna districts, who is selected as a Junior Commissioned Officer in the last one and a half years. It had been a long-cherished dream of Mr. Chaitanya to wear the Army badge and he is unwilling to wait any longer to plunge into action.

When Mr. Chaitanya completes a nine-month training course at the Officers’ Training Academy, Chennai, he will be carrying forward his father Mr. Subba Rao’s legacy who recently retired from the Army Medical Corps (AMC) as a Subedar Major.

Mr. Subba Rao had taken part in several assignments both within and outside the country, including in Nepal and Bhutan.

Role model

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Chaitanya said he was indebted to his father Subba Rao and mother Sulochana, whose valuable support helped him realise his dream. Ever since the courageous deeds of Sardar Bhagat Singh and Chandrasekhar Azad sank into my mind at an young age, I wanted to become a soldier.

There were no better role-models for me,” he says with a firm resolve to do his bit for the motherland.

``I was once told that communal riots had broken out in Lucknow in the early 1990s when my father was serving in the AMC there. It was a terrible time for my mother to take care of me and my elder brother Aditya in the absence of my father, who used to go on camps. But, my parents never ran away from troubles, which made us what we are today. I am privileged to become a member of Army while Aditya is delivering an altogether different role, as a software professional in IBM at Pune.”

“My classmates at school and college used to belittle me for joining NCC, which they insisted was useful only to become a police constable or sub-inspector or for securing academic admissions. I can now say that they are mistaken. I proved my critics wrong and, am happy to fulfil my parents’ wish to become a true son of `Bharat Mata’.”

“I was the Best Air Wing cadet of NCC in Andhra Pradesh in 2006 and took part in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi in the following year. I look forward to a great stint in the Indian Army whose heroics enthused me a lot,” he asserted with the pride of joining its celebrated ranks.

The credit of making me a top NCC cadet and Army officer now goes to my trainers Wing Commanders Srinivas and Satendra Singh and Lt. Col. Sreekumar, he added.