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Children raise slogans against terrorism

VIJAYAWADA: The level of excitement among boys and girls was no match to the anxiety that got the better of the handful of teachers who were to guide and supervise them while they were on the roads, spreading the message of peace and non-violence.

Girls with their plaited hair and in pleated skirts and boys clad in a pair of crème shirt and navy blue trousers waited in long queues, eager to march out of their school campus and campaign for a cause initiated years ago by the Father of the Nation.

Paying fitting tributes to the peace-loving freedom fighter on the eve of his birth anniversary on Monday, staff and students of Nalanda Vidya Niketan held placards and banners with slogans that stirred up young minds in the thoroughfares, and headed in a rally from their school to Benz Circle.

After a slight hubbub at the busy junction, the children formed a spectacular human chain that extended up to hotel D.V. Manor on Mahatma Gandhi Road.

Plea to terrorists

Thrilled to be part of an activity that propagated a good cause, P. Dilip of ninth class held tight his friend’s hand and raised it high with a rare conviction that reflected his zealous ambition to contribute his mite to creation of a beautiful world.

“Terrorist Uncles, allow us to have peace and security”, screamed a naïve plea scribbled on a placard.

Phrases like ‘Kick terrorism into the Bay of Bengal’ echoed the vexation that has set in among the public.

Allowing their hands to remain entangled in a strong bond that they wanted others to emulate, for almost one and half hour the student raised slogans against terrorism.

“It’s a nice feeling to be able to make an impact in your own little way,” said an elated Chandana K. of tenth class.

The children then returned to their school campus under the watchful eyes of their physical trainers who moved on two-wheelers to ensure discipline.