Retired Vigilance Commissioner Ramachandra Samal’s report exposed a shockingly large number of skeletons in the cupboard of Rajasekhara Reddy’s Government. It is strange that instead of introspecting on the charges Home Minister Jana Reddy, IAS and IPS officers, who were named in the report, unlashed a volley of abusive personal attack on him. D.C. Rosaiah, one of the IAS officers appeared on a Telugu news channel and left the viewers more shocked by saying that Mr. Samal would be skinned! Human Rights Commission and judiciary should take up probe on Samal’s report and its aftermath.

T.S. Rao


Irregular parking charges

The parking contractor at the Visakhapatnam Airport has been charging parking fee for even those vehicles that are entering on its premises just to drop the traveller and go. Entrance fee for such vehicles is not charged at other airports. It is not clear whether the contractor is cheating the gullible public or the airport authorities are also involved in it. Already, public has been suffering due to huge money being charged by taxies and auto-rickshaws. No policeman is available to monitor the senseless quotes given by these vehicles. We hope that the authorities would correct the glaring irregularity?

G. Prabhakara Sastry


Poor quality of milk

Visakha Dairy has increased the prices of milk by Rs.2 a litre on the claim that the cost of milk procurement has increased. However, contrary to one’s expectations that the quality of the milk would also improve, it has declined.

Milk in the blue packets is the worst. The authorities concerned should look into the matter and ensure that quality of the milk also improves.

G.V.S. Lakshmi


Language matters

Recently when I visited an inquiry counter at Visakhapatnam Railway Station, a villager who was probably not conversant with Hindi or English, asked some information in Telugu. To my utter surprise, he was being answered in Hindi punctuated with a few English words, which I am sure the villager failed to understand. When he made further inquiries in Telugu, he was brushed off and told in Hindi to inquire with someone else. The railway authorities should ensure that those sitting at the inquiry counter possess at least some working knowledge of Telugu.

D.V. Ramakrishna