D. Chandra Bhaskar Rao

AIAWU Central working committee meet concludes

NREGA coverage expanded to 300 districts

KHAMMAM: All India Agriculture Workers Union (AIAWU) Central working committee which concluded its two-day meet here on Wednesday, came down heavily on the Central Government and certain State Governments for implementation of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in what it called the callous and haphazard manner. Stating that the enactment of the NREGA was part and parcel of the Common Minimum Programme, AIAWU general secretary A. Vijaya Raghavan wanted the Government to implement the Act the way it was desired by enhancing the allocation of funds.

The NREGA coverage was expanded from 200 districts to 330 districts but the Government could not ensure proportionate hike in allocation of funds. The allocation was nominally increased from Rs 11,000 crores to Rs 12,000 crores. But it failed to make any impact on implementation of the programme. He said rural poor in most States were virtually denied works thanks to rampant corruption, bureaucratisation, mismanagement and lack of transparency.

He said that the NREGA could help rural poor to get at least some days work at improved wage rates, especially for women labourers, dalits, tribals and other socially backward sections.

Muster rolls

The AIAWU leader said the proper implementation of the programme with massive intervention of the rural poor was the foremost task. He said the muster rolls must be checked for authenticity and the social audit must be taken up necessarily to see that no false information was furnished on the number of work days created. The governments would not implement the NREGA in right spirit as it goes against their interests.