K. Srinivas Reddy

Express regrets for death of three persons

Maoists decide to ‘punish’ NJR ‘as per the wishes of people’

HYDERABAD: Maoists have owned responsibility for the recent abortive attack on the life of former Chief Minister N. Janardhana Reddy and expressed regrets for death of three other persons in the landmine blast near Vakadu of Nellore district.

In a statement here on Tuesday, Janardhan, Maoist spokesman in the State said a special action team of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) had blasted the landmine, but it had missed the target, as Mr. Reddy and his wife, N. Rajalakshmi had moved into another car. As a result three persons in another car were killed, he said.

The Maoist spokesman maintained that Mr. Janardhana Reddy was responsible for imposition of the ban on revolutionary party and the subsequent ‘cruel repression in which hundreds of revolutionary cadres were killed’. He said the Maoist party had decided to ‘punish’ the former Chief Minister ‘as per the wishes of people’.

Police special team

Nellore staff reporter adds: Meanwhile, in a bid to identify Maoist sympathisers across the district, the police have formed a special team, which comprises Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of Gudur and two Circle Inspectors of Sullurpet and Gudur, besides two Sub Inspectors from Prakasham district. According to the police, Superintendent of Police (Intelligence) Kalidoss from Hyderabad and a special team led by Circle Inspectors Murali Krishna, Chalam and Giri from Kakinada have already visited the landmine blast site near Vidyanagar.

They have inspected Bhimeswaraswamy Hill at Goodali, where the Maoists are believed to have taken shelter. The police team conducted a thorough examination besides pressing an earthmover into service to remove the mud at the blast site to unearth more clues.