MAHABUBNAGAR: The Superintendent of Police Charu Sinha here on Monday evening released posters and hand bills mentioning precautionary and preventive measures to be adopted in avoiding the bomb blasts, in view of the recent twin blasts in Hyderabad.

The SP released about 10,000 posters and 30,000 handbills.

The print material also alerted people not to operate any unclaimed cell phones. They also asked the people to be alert before selling their car, motor cycles or a scooter and check the credentials of the buyer.

The posters will be affixed at schools, colleges, hospitals, railway station, bus stations and other important junctions while handbills would be distributed among the people in the district. Ms.Charu Sinha appealed the people to have the telephone number of their nearest police station or any police officers mobile number and inform the police about the suspicious persons and objects.