Of late, terrorist attacks have assumed monstrous proportions in India, thanks to the soft peddling of the issue by the Government. It is time to take stringent measures to curb the menace and save the lives of innocents. The Centre should set up Federal Investigating Agency with full functional autonomy and penal powers and revive POTA. Special fast-track courts, speedy disposal of cases and above all, immediate execution of sentences are the need of the hour to control terrorism.

V. Jwala Viswa Srinivas


Woes of a teacher

The School Education department has merged the services of teachers working in Panchayat Raj schools and Government schools. Due to this, the ministerial staffs have been overburdened with the workload pertaining to the services of teachers in districts, as there are approximately 15,000 teachers in each district.

Staff working in the District Educational Officers’ office has to attend the work of the teachers who are in large number, whereas the ministerial staff in the Panchayat Raj Department is without work. Their work was transferred to the School Education Department, which is facing thousands of court cases. Is there any justification to it?

T. Ram Babu


Timely gesture

Proposal of the South Central Railway to run the Vijayawada-Chennai-Vijayawada Pinakini Express via Guntur, once the doubling of the track between Krishna Canal junction and Guntur stations is completed, is a timely gesture. Pinakini Express is the most prestigious train being operated in daytime, which runs as a shuttle train between Vijayawada and Chennai. If this train is diverted via Guntur, it would be convenient for the residents of Guntur, since there is no direct train from Guntur to Chennai.

In this context, I sincerely appeal to the railway authorities to provide a two minute halt for the train at Ulavapadu, as no other Express train stops at this station, though the place is known for fruits like mangoes, guava and pomegranate.

I. Subhash Samuel


Get rid of EAMCET?

It is highly astonishing to note that a student, who got zero marks in the EAMCET examination and secured a rank, that is above 1.7 lakh, got admission into the Information Technology course in a private engineering college in Khammam. It happened because of a large number of engineering colleges. Against this background, we wonder what is the need to convene EAMCET by spending huge money and valuable time.

I request authorities concerned to fix minimum qualifying marks to all candidates including those belong to reserved category.

M. Blessing Moses