Film: Kodithe Kottaliraa

Cast: Premji Amaran, other debutants

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Debutant Venkat Prabhu makes cricket the theme of Chennai 600028 (pin code of a local area) and the film is dubbed as Kodithe Kottaliraa.

While the original is supposed to be a major breakthrough, attracting a surprisingly large audience to experience the thrills of playing street cricket, it fails to make a connection here primarily because of it’s limitations to rise above the native factors.

It is made completely for the youth in Chennai. Their language, mannerisms and lifestyle targets a different audience from what the movie overall seems to target.

It revolves around two teen teams Sharks and Rockers who are passionate about the game, how the story picks steam when one member of a team moves into other’s area due to family circumstances. The misunderstandings, the friendship, the blossoming of love and then inevitably the penultimate match.

The Sharks have been losing to the Rockers and whether the two team members make a difference to the final match or not forms the crux of the story.

What’s surprising is more time is spent on introducing the characters, their trials and tribulations and the game is ignored till the last half an hour and when the game does begin, the quarter finals and semi-finals are shown in quick motion, all over during a song.

Visually it’s pleasing and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s tunes rise above the mediocre. The film’s look is unconventional, the story, narration, the comedy and the dialogues are all of the beaten track.

The performances of the newcomers has been realistic, the fact that they have made an impact is commendable especially without any strong dialogues in the film but somehow one will not be able to sympathise or identify with them.

The raunchy number of a couple in a guest house is totally unnecessary and the scene when a Minister comes to throw the toss questions if they want to bowl or field is amusing.

This movie is not a masterpiece, the inexperience shows in parts.

The director might have hit a six in Chennai but it’s doubtful if this one will reach the boundary here