Special Correspondent

Teachers recruited from 1994-1999 may have to be sent back

Process of identification of employees, places of their original posting to be completed this month

3,185 policemen to be relieved in batches once the police recruitment in Hyderabad is complete

HYDERABAD: Fresh complications in identifying teachers for the purpose of repatriation to their native districts under G.O. 610 are confronting the State Government.

After establishing that 1,949 teachers appointed during 2000-03 were ineligible to continue in the present places of their posting, the Government now realises that a much higher number of them recruited during 1994-99 also have to be repatriated under the Presidential Order, 1975.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday after the weekly meeting of the Group of Minister constituted to monitor implementation of G.O. 610, Higher Education Minister D. Srinivas confessed that the Government was encountering unexpected complications as it undertook identification of teachers for repatriation as per parameters set by the Presidential Order and the Girglani Committee’s recommendations.

Chief Minister Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy presided over the meeting. “We never imagined the kind of complications that we are facing in the work”, he remarked.

Without hazarding a guess, the Minister said a very large number of teachers recruited from 1994 to 1999 may have to be sent back. He said that of the 1,949 teachers, as many as 1,333 were identified by names and districts where they were originally recruited. However, there was no information available about the remaining 616.

He expected the entire process of identification of employees and the places of their original posting to be completed this month. Already, 960 employees from 51 departments had exercised the option of returning to their native districts and 414 others working on deputation in 12 departments were issued orders to go back.

Mr. Srinivas also said 3,185 policemen were served transfer orders but they were retained in the present posts as their services were required for the coming Ganesh festival. They would be relieved in batches once the police recruitment in the city is complete.