The letting of Godavari water into the sea can be arrested by constructing reservoirs below the confluence of tributaries like Sabari, Kinnerasani and Penganga. The Akhanda Godavari, with these reservoirs, will cater to the irrigational needs of the entire upland area on both of its sides through the high level canals. The water stored thus would result in no surplus water joining the sea and there would be no need to acquire vast lands and face rehabilitation and other problems.

N.V. Rama Rao


VUDA turns into a realtor

VUDA, a realtor or developer? Originally, the Town Planning Trust (TPT) was formed in 1962 to construct colonies by either constructing houses or developing house sites by acquiring lands in and around Visakhapatnam and allot them mainly to the middle and lower middle class people, keeping a few for the high-income group. The cost used to be determined on the basis of cost of acquisition of the land, development expenses and administrative overheads without any profit element. If the applicants were more than the available plots/houses, allotment was made on the basis of public draw.

However, VUDA has now started the practice of auctioning plots, which is more beneficial for the rich and realtors, as they are cornering all the plots and later selling them at high prices. The main purpose is being defeated. Even now, it is not too late. Either the VUDA should mend its ways or the government should step in for corrective action.

G.M. Rama Rao



Both RTC and NHAI were making money through poor passengers. RTC fixes Vegam and Express boards and collects higher fare but these buses stop at every stage like any passenger bus.

Similarly, NHAI, which collected Rs.2 in near Bhogapuram earlier, is now charging Rs.4 at Chilakalapadu.

People should raise their voice against this exploitation and demand cancellation of charges.

G. Gopalakrishna