Tuesday will be the last day in office for B.V. Sudhakur as Post Master General of Vijayawada region. He has been transferred to Delhi as Deputy Director-General (Technology).

An affable person with a genial smile, Mr. Sudhakur exuded a rare dynamism, which reflected in the string of novel schemes he introduced to lend the much-needed facelift to the drooping image of post offices. Besides successfully introducing some income-generating schemes, the enterprising PMG also changed the age-old grungy face of the Postal Department. A swanky structure with plush interiors today stands at the place where an old dilapidated building once housed the head post office, all thanks to Mr. Sudhakur’s enterprising skills. Though his transfer was disappointing to those who saw him working from close quarters, they knew for sure that he would be leaving his mark at the national level too.

Nose for ‘hot’ news

We keep hearing about efforts to popularise scented papers, scented greeting cards and even scented advertisements on newspapers, which are intended to give us an actual feel of the message that we read while holding the paper or card in our hands.

One wonders whether the Vijayawada Chamber of Commerce & Industry is doing the same through its ‘Vijayawada Chamber’, a fortnightly that it publishes. The complimentary copies of the journal regularly sent to the offices of media organisations emit the smell of red chilli and some pulses. The smell stays on for some time, until the copy gets older.

Even as journalists wonder what could be the reason for this, the smell reminds them of the first lesson they are taught: Have nose for news. Well, this is nose for some real ‘hot’ news!

An appealing slogan

Slogans provide some much-needed inspiration to further a cause and encourage people to work for achieving it. Besides stating the message clearly, a good slogan should ideally have the strength attracting the attention of people. Almost all organisations and parties use all their creativity to coin slogans to take their movements effectively to people. In furthering their campaign, ‘Friends2Support’, an organisation that encourages voluntary blood donation, has coined a slogan that appeals emotionally to people. A volunteer of the organisation explained the other day at a programme that their slogan of ‘Each one, reach one’ makes a clear and precise appeal. “If each of us donates blood, it will help save the life of some sufferer,” said the volunteer.

Sticking to timings

It is not uncommon for the general body meeting of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC), which usually begins on Friday, to spill beyond the weekend even after two days of continuous sitting.

But, surprisingly, the sitting on Monday begins only in the post-lunch session even if there is a long agenda to be completed. There seems to be many reasons for this. A good number of corporators, especially floor leaders, have practice in the bar and they, apparently, do not want to miss out on their cases on Monday, an important day in courts.

Other corporators generally like to reserve their pre-lunch hours on Monday for a visit to their divisions. Whatever may have been the reason, continuous sittings stretching beyond office hours seem to have irked the officials so much that they have reportedly sent feelers to Mayor Mallika Begum to wind up the meeting by 5.30 in the evening.

No freebies

The International Friendship Day on Sunday saw the ubiquitous short messages getting exchanged in hordes between mobile phone users.

But, at least one leading mobile phone operator had poured cold water on the plans of subscribers, who opted for free SMS pack or special SMS pack, to bombard their friends with large number of messages by making the most of the package.

The operator sent a message to all subscribers a day before the D-day: “Dear Customer, No Free or SMS Pack will be applicable on Aug-5, 2007. SMS sent on this day will be charged as per normal tariff…” No free lunches, after all!

(P. Sujatha Varma, K. Srimali, G. Ravikiran, G.V.R. Subba Rao)