Manisha Garg

Commercial complexes aggravate the problem

Road-widening has not helped in easing traffic congestion

Government encourages multi-level parking, says City Planner

VISAKHAPATNAM: There seems to be paucity of parking spaces in the city and the problem seems to be getting worse be it Asilmetta Junction road, Dwarka Nagar, Dabagardens, Ramatalkies Road, VIP Road, Jagadamba, or New Railway Colony and other areas. The crisis is aggravated because of commercial complexes coming up in residential areas.


An example is Maharanipeta where Pallavi Nursing Home is located. The residents of the area have been bemoaning about the congestion problem that the coming up of non-residential buildings have created in the area. Besides, though the residential apartments should have at least 20 per cent of space for parking and the commercial complexes 25 per cent but many hospitals and nursing homes in the area do not have parking space at all. Consequently, their visitors and the ambulances etc. are being parked on the road only. Municipal Corporation’s road widening operations by acquiring land from the residents has only resulted in more parking spaces for commercial vehicles on the roads and has not helped to ease the traffic congestion.

Mixed zones

Commenting on this, Additional City Planner P. Laxman Rao says, “The revised Master Plan in 2006 has sanctioned mixed zones. The parts of erstwhile residential areas have been given for commercial use. The trend is increasingly of mixed zones. This happens when any city grows. As far as parking areas are concerned, there will be parking place for visitors also in residential apartments in future. Under the new G.O., parking area has been increased to 30 per cent in residential apartments, 40 per cent in commercial buildings and 60 per cent in multiplexes. The government is encouraging multi-level parking. Incentives are given to those who keep more parking space. By G.O. No. 441 which is applicable to Vizag also, we are issuing notices to the commercial complexes and residential apartments who are violating any building laws and if cellar is being used for any other purpose apart from parking, the construction is being removed.”