Mudigonda firing seems similar to Basheerbagh incident in the year 2000

HYDERABAD: Political parties have drawn comparisons between the police firing in Mudigonda mandal of Khammam district on Saturday with the firing in Basheerbagh in the city seven years ago as both were instances of attempts to quell political agitations.

Both took place on 28th of the month, the Basheerbagh firing on August 28, 2000 and the Mudigonda firing on July 28.

They occurred as culmination of prolonged agitations by the Left parties – the previous one demanding rollback of the steep increase in power tariffs and the present one for distribution of land and house sites to poor.

The two agitations were incidentally launched in the month of May.

Indefinite hunger strike is another striking feature in the two incidents.

The Basheerbagh incident took place after 11-day fast and the pitch for today’s firing was queered following forcible lifting of the fasting Left leaders from their camps.

The August firing took place when the Assembly was in session while Saturday’s incident occurred just a day after the Assembly was adjourned sine die.

The Congress that was the main Opposition then joined forces with the Left in the power struggle while the TDP which is the main Opposition now, is supporting the protest.

Naidu disagrees

Another interesting feature is that the CPI (M) Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury has been deputed by his party to get first hand information of both the incidents.

Asked by reporters to comment on these similarities, TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu disagreed that any parallels could be drawn.

He said the firing in Basheerbagh was resorted to when thousands of activists began marching towards the Legislative Assembly while the present incident involved a few hundreds, that too in a rural area.