Spends Rs. 112 crore, provides work to 1.38 cr. labourers

Chittoor: District Collector S.S. Rawath said that Chittoor district is on the top of other districts in the State in implementation of the prestigious national employment guarantee scheme. Talking to The Hindu here on Sunday, he said that that an amount of Rs. 112 crore has been spent so far under the scheme and employment provided to 1.38 crore labourers. Of this, an amount of Rs. 107.49 crore was spent towards the wages for labourers Rs. 4.39crores for purchase of materials Rs.4.2crores for development of waste lands Rs.20.87crores for the development of lands belonging to schedule caste Rs.10.98crores for construction of bunds on fields Rs.4.85crores for development of agriculture lands Rs.4.00crores for the development of horticulture Rs.2.93crores for planting of pungami sapling Rs.2.40crores for the development of irrigation tanks Rs.15lakhs for constructional of cannels under irrigation tanks and Rs.10lakhs for the construction of roads. The Collector said that loans would be given directly to the members of self-help groups instead of the groups. Rs. 15,000 would be give to each of the family of members of self-help groups under 0.25 paisa (pavala vadi) scheme. Loans were being paid by 97 per cent of self-help groups regularly.