Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: The decision on installation of digital meters in auto-rickshaws plying in twin cities now lies with the State Government.

The high-level committee constituted to study the feasibility seems to be favouring installation of digital meters, according to sources. The Committee is likely to submit its report in a couple of days to the Government.

The Committee comprised authorities representing Transport, Traffic and Legal Metrology departments and members from Consumer Forum and the Media.

Anti-Auto Digital Meters Struggle Committeesought a change in visit of cities and also equal representation on par with Transport and Traffic departments in the panel.

The auto unions also did not participate in the panel meeting held last week, said Transport Commissioner Ajay Misra.

“We would be submitting the report soon and it is now up to the government to decide on installation of the digital meters,” he said.

Installation of digital meters was made mandatory from January 15 through GO 213 but it was kept on hold after the Anti-Auto Digital Meters Struggle Committee launched a struggle opposing it.

“These meters display both the distance travelled and fare to be charged unlike mechanical meters which display only fare,” he added.