G. Ravikiran

Corporate companies eager to be ‘early birds’
in recruitments
Infosys has already selected nearly 130 students

VIJAYAWADA: For students, it is more a chance to test their luck at job interviews rather than the routine start of another academic year. As they enter the final year of B.Tech or any other professional course, top companies knock at their doorsteps offering lucrative careers.

The placement cells become active in their search of best careers for the students of their respective colleges. Right from the start of the year, big companies like Wipro Technologies and Infosys Technologies descend on the campuses here to select talented students.

As the city is known to be a hub of professional colleges, it has become a natural choice for even computer majors to make an early start on the placement front. Placement advisors say that this is the time of the year when students can prepare well for campus selections. The software companies seem not to lose out on this front.

Placement drives

The scene at engineering colleges has become already active with job aspirants testing their chance at the interviews. The placement drive at the Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering (KLCE) proved to be a promising event for its students. The activity has picked up at other colleges as well. The Lakireddy Balireddy College of Engineering (LRBCE) has held a similar drive recently.

The placement experts say that the corporate companies are eager to be ‘early birds’ when it comes to scouting for talent at professional colleges is concerned.

The companies are in the race for attracting good students by offering best offers.

Infosys Technologies, Bangalore, held a round of placement drive a few days back when it selected nearly 130 students at KLCE. B.Tech final-year students remain the main source of talent for the big companies.

The company is expected to make more visits to the city in search of talent in the coming days.

Not just the students of computer and electronic degrees, but those of civil and mechanical engineering also are accepting good offers made by the companies. KLCE vice-principal S.R.K. Parama Hamsa says that Infosys Technologies has selected a record number of students at their college.