Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: For some one hundred children from various districts, the CBR Sports School at Kethanakonda, 30 km from here, will be the training ground to transform them into quality sportspersons.

After an arduous grind, these children were selected out of 500 youngsters who participated in the selection trials conducted by the school management recently.

The selection committee conducted basic tests, such as standing broad jump, 50-metre shuttle run, push-ups, and sprints.

The selected ones, who are mostly in the age group of 10-14 years, will, henceforth, stay put in the school, pursuing their education as well as sporting activity with special emphasis on the latter.

"These children have some spark. We have selected 74 boys and 46 girls, and for one year we will be imparting general physical conditioning to assess their natural instincts. They will be trained in both strength and speed segments to identify their strong points," said Mr. Sekhar, a weightlifting coach, on Monday. He said that a team of coaches would train the children for five hours a day - two hours in the morning and three hours in the evening. "Some more coaches in boxing, weightlifting and athletics will be roped in by the school management to nurture talented sportspersons," he revealed. Mr. Sekhar felt that the general malady among the children was poor fitness due to food deficiency. "This is a startling observation and we are keen on overcoming the hurdle by giving them nutritious diet," he said. All the boys and girls would be put under scanner with experts analysing their performance on monthly basis. "Based on their natural flair, we will suggest what game or sport a boy or girl should take to. A panel of experts will help us in this task."

CBR Sports School chairman Chalasani Balaramaiah said children from Srikakulam, Guntur and Nalgonda outshone others, as they possessed abundant enthusiasm. "But, I'm little disappointed by the response. Despite communication to DEOs and district sports development officers, there was no representation from many districts, especially Telangana," he regretted.