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`Youth trained in such institutions will meet only the demands of developed nations'

HYDERABAD: General secretary of World Federation of Teachers B. Vijay Kumar, former president of All-India Secondary Teachers Federation A. Sayam Sunder Rao and MLC P. Subba Reddy have opposed the proposed establishment of Georgia Tech University campuses in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, they said that the move was against the demand of higher and technical education teachers that foreign universities should not be allowed. They said the

Establishment of such institutions was only tantamount to implementing the World Trade Organisation's dictates under globalisation, they observed. The youth trained in these institutions would only meet the needs of the developed nations but this would result in brain drain and transfer of human resources.

They also expressed an apprehension that the land allotted to such institutions would not be used for intended purposes. In the presence of these institutions, local universities and centres of excellence would lose their sheen, they pointed out.