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Health Services Minister conducts inspection

HYDERABAD: Scanning machine is available, but not the radiologist to conduct tests. There is a driver, but no ambulance. Medicines are there on the shelves, but their details in the stock register are confusing.

This was the strange scenario Health Services Minister Vanama Venkateswara Rao encountered when he inspected Government hospitals in the State capital on Thursday. His first visit to the city hospitals has certainly enlightened him about the state of affairs in Government hospitals. With officials of the department in tow, Mr. Rao drove to the King Koti hospital in the morning.

The Minister walked into the corridor only to be surprised by non-functional tube lights. He summoned the electrician and took him to task. There were piles of burnt garbage outside the hospital.

Failure of the nurses to make entries of the medicines supplied to the hospital in the stock register also irked him. From there, the Minister headed to the Government Hospital, Nampally, where a scanning machine was found unused for want of radiologist. Mr. Rao directed the officials to prepare profiles of each hospital being run by the Andhra Pradesh Vaidya Vidhana Parishad with the data of sanctioned, vacant and required posts.