Tough action needed

Elected people's representatives have been exploring every possibility of amassing wealth by clandestine means. Some demand and swindle lakhs of rupees for putting questions in Parliament. Now some are caught in trafficking women to other countries on the passports of their wives with the aid of travel agents, immigration staff and others.

It is high time such acts are dealt with an iron hand and the culprits brought to book. I suggest the Government to withdraw schemes such as the LADS in the backdrop of its inability to pay even salaries to some section of employees.

N.V. Rama Rao


Prompt service

Amidst the sickening dark clouds of corruption in political and bureaucratic systems, the Postal Department provides a silver lining. On May 9, I approached the head post office in Visakhapatnam for closure and refund of my NSS account which entailed quite a substantial amount as refund.

The counter assistant and the cheque issuing officer attended to the matter with speed and I walked out with my cheque without any hassles.

T.S. Rao


Traffic hazards

Vehicle riders are not dimming the headlights while plying on main roads and highways posing a threat to the safe passage of vehicles in the opposite direction.

The upper portion of the headlights are also not black-painted. It should be ensured that the headlights are dimmed when another vehicle approaches in the opposite direction.

T.V. Nageswara Rao


Dropping of cheques

On a reference made by one, the RBI has stated that banks are required to accept cheques for collection/clearing over the counter and issue acknowledgement on the pay-slips. Further, the banks are also directed to invariably display on the cheque drop box itself that `customers can also tender the cheques at the counter and obtain acknowledgement on the pay-in-slips'. Bank customers may please note this.

S.K. Sharma