Special Correspondent

Thousands of TDP activists to attend

  • The party has identified two areas for the plenary
  • Plenary secretariat to monitor works, arrangements

    Tirupati: The State and the district TDP leaders are yet to decide on the venue for the party's three-day `Mahanadu' -- plenary session scheduled go get underway from May, 27.

    The leaders after closely scanning some possible locations have shortlisted Municipal High School grounds and a huge vacant chunk of land on the Mangalam road as the possible venue for the sessions.

    Though the Mangalam location is ideal for the party's State-level jamboree expected to be attended by thousands of party activists from all over, the long

    distance from the town is weighing against it. The municipal high school playground, though located in the heart of the town, for the same reason it might not be suitable for the event given its location in crammed residential area which might pose serious parking problems, traffic jams, disruption to normal life in the area and so on.

    Further there is also a strong view that the views of `Vaastu' experts also must be taken in finalising the venue in view of the importance of the impending session coming as it does in the silver jubilee year of the TDP besides the hectic political agenda it has before it in the run up to the elections due in two years.

    Meanwhile, the party has set up its `Plenary Secretariat' to monitor the works and the arrangements to be made for the summit.