Hoarding collapse: MCH to blame

It is unfortunate that a man died and few others injured after a hoarding collapsed due to heavy wind on April 11. It is foolish to book the hoarding company which installed it as the MCH which collects huge rents, is also responsible for negligence. It is their duty to check the safety of hoardings against such calamities. Such huge hoardings should be banned if it's structure is weak.

N. Kishan Rao,

Esamia Bazar

OMCAP of no help

The OMCAP, which was created by the State Government one year ago, with tall promises of providing overseas employment has not lived up to its expectations. Though it might have succeeded partially in providing a handful of overseas jobs under skilled/semi-skilled category like artisans, drivers and security personnel, it failed miserably in meeting the growing global overseas demand under hotel, hospitality and catering management industry.

When contacted the OMCAP officials replied that presently the area of concentration was only on drivers and security personnel. The OMCAP is forgetting that the time lost is opportunity denied. The very purpose of its existence is defeated if a Government agency vested with complete authority to gain genuine access to the overseas job demands is limiting its functions and denying opportunities to several eligible and experienced in the hotel management industry. (My son who registered for `Chef'' category on March 8 2006 under registration No. OMCAP/2006/094 did not receive a single call letter as on date in spite of holding a diploma and sufficient overseas experience in hotel management).

P. Satyanarayana


Quota for girls

The Central Government has passed a Bill providing reservations for OBCs in IITs and other institutions. But it forgot women. The State Government has provided 30 per cent reservation in professional colleges for girls.

Reservation for women is contemplated in legislative assemblies and parliament. Then why not in IITs. Necessary Bill may be passed towards this end in the coming parliament session.

S.G.K. Murty,


Minimising people's hardship

This has reference to editorial `Do the right thing' (dated 16.04.2007). It seems from your write up right things were not done by successive Governments as they were indifferent to peoples plight. What happened at Gujarat has not opened the eyes of other States. In Gujarat, women organisations and activist campaigned for the victims right to existence. You have rightly pointed out the State Government responsibility to protect life and property of people. In the absence of such measures people tend to lose faith in governance of State. Centre can only provide finance and rehabilitation at the State's request. Both Centre and State Government must work in tandem to minimise people's hardship.

P. Venkateshwar Rao,