This property is stolen from MCH. What do you make of these words embossed on a garbage basket? It would require a Sherlock Holmes to crack the puzzle. The wastebaskets kept in a cycle-rickshaw at Devinagar in Jumerat Bazar raised many eyebrows at the `Praja Patham' programme on Monday. Minister Mohd Ali Shabbir and Hyderabad Collector R.V. Chandravadan couldn't make head or tail of it when presspersons brought this to their notice. The mystery was unravelled by N. Ravi Kiran, Additional Commissioner, MCH, south zone. Since the garbage baskets are likely to be stolen in this area, those laying hands on them are being forewarned that this property is stolen from MCH, he explained. The Corporation is assuming that the garbage bins are going to be stolen even before they are installed. `This property belongs to MCH' would have been just fine. But it didn't occur to the authorities.

Unpredictability of the big boss is always a cause of anxiety for employees of an organisation. More so for the railway staff when Lalu Prasad is the big man. When the Union Minister came to Hyderabad to attend a railway function, authorities did not leave anything to chance. Knowing well his rustic satire and habits, the authorities kept an `ugal daan' (spittoon) ready in the swanky Shilpakalavedika auditorium where Lalu was attending a meeting. A seat in the auditorium was reserved for him by placing a white towel on it and an `ugal daan' underneath it.

It was a workshop on "How to prepare for EAMCET-2007" and students were asked to clarify their doubts with the professors on the dais, including EAMCET-2007 Convener E. Saibaba Reddy.

One student asked on means to prioritise questions and the best way to answer them effectively. A professor replied, "It's simple. When you attend a valima dinner, your goal will be to consume maximum chicken leg pieces followed by wings and other parts. Likewise, you have to select questions, which you feel confident about answering and later try to answer the difficult ones."

J.S. Ifthekhar,
K. Srinivas Reddy and S. Sandeep Kumar