J.S. Ifthekhar

After labouring for 25 years, Mujtahedi has come out with the most complete Urdu-English lexicon

Hyderabad: The word `defeat' doesn't exist in his dictionary. Monetary constraints have not tied him down nor have health hazards thrown a spanner on his works. Even the sheer scale of mission and a protracted legal battle has not put him off. At 76 he has pulled off the near impossible.

Yakoob Miran Mujtahedi's labour of love has at last materialised. The most comprehensive ever Urdu-English lexicon will be in your hands soon.

The 2,812-page dictionary has 90,000 entries. The best part is it is uncomplicated but scholarly, versatile and all-embracing. "It has enough to satiate the thirstiest of Urdu-English enthusiasts," says Mr. Mujtahedi who has been working over it for the last 25 years.

Something for all

The three-volume lexicon, weighing six kg, fulfils the long felt need of translators, scholars, teachers and students. Inadequate English equivalents of Urdu words, idioms and other expressions has had stultifying effect on Urdu speaking people in the subcontinent.

The contents

The linguistic treasure-chest packs a wide range of new words, sentences, phrases and commonly used Dakhni terms. Besides, a large number of legal, mathematical, religious, scientific, medical, historical, geographical terms figure in it. For those not familiar with Urdu there is a Roman script with pronunciation key.