New BSNL connection

I applied for a new BSNL landline connection on February 23, 2007. While issuing the application they promised me that the connection would be provided within 24 hours and also allotted telephone no. 24222615 on the spot. But till date, the authorities are yet to provide the connection. I request the BSNL authorities to look into the matter and provide me a connection at the earliest.

P. Srinivasa Murthy,

Bus shelters

Contrary to its promise of providing better service, the APSRTC seems oblivious to the needs of the travelling public. Bus stops in different parts of the city cry out for shelters.

Commuters are forced to stand in the hot sun for the buses, which are regularly irregular. During the rainy season, the plight of the commuters is worse. I request the authorities to attend to the needs of the travelling public who are a major source of income.

D. Mohana Rao,

Telecast BBC

When channels like BBC has lot to offer on various issues that are highly informative, city viewers depending on Hathway cable network are denied BBC programmes available everywhere due to reasons not known. ( The Hindu , March 23) Though Hathway offers 84 channels some are repetitive, some blank and some with neither visual nor audibility. Let the city cable users be given the benefit of viewing BBC and other such programmes.

Raj Kumar,
Bazar Ghat crossroad

Drinking water problem

We the residents of Adityanagar, Kapra Municipality, are experiencing problem in fetching drinking water for the last 2 years and the matter was brought to the notice of the Kapra municipal authorities several times in vain. Even if water is supplied, the pressure is very less and the residents are fetching water at sump (connection) level that too for about 30-45 minutes forcing the residents to buy water for daily usage. Added to this, for the last one moth the supply schedule has been shifted from alternative day to once in two-days making the problem more complex. It is requested that the authorities look into the matter and solve our pending problem.

M. Chenna Reddy,

Parking of vehicles

On Street No. 8 in Marredpally West, the famous Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple managed by the Endowment Department is located. In the same street there is a club, which is always crowded, and Kasturba Women's college. The problem is half the road is occupied by landscaping done by SBH and others following which parking of vehicles and their movement is obstructed.

In Street No. 6, near Kenedy Vidyalaya, vehicles are parked haphazardly creating problems for senior citizens and physically challenged persons while walking.

Further please note that there is a platform of 9"-10" height (Lane No. 4, street No. 6, House Nos. 264-273) which is not visible during night the area should be illuminated to avoid accidents.

N.S. Narasimhan,
West Marredpally.