M. Sai Gopal

A jaguar from Delhi and a clouded leopard from Agartala to come to a new home

HYDERABAD: The Nehru Zoological Park will soon receive new additions - a jaguar and a clouded leopard - from the zoological parks of Delhi and Agartala, respectively, as part of the inter-State animal exchange programme.

Apart from the two, Hyderabad zoo will also receive blue and yellow macaw parrots, several varieties of pheasants and a red-breasted parakeet from the Delhi zoo.

In return, the Hyderabad zoo will provide another species of Iguanas, the numbers of which are fast increasing here, golden pheasant and `chowsingha' variety of deer to zoological parks of Delhi and Agartala.

Final `yes'

After failing to get a positive response from several overseas zoological parks for exchange of zebras, officials here point out that finally the Lucknow zoo has agreed to exchange zebras in lieu of lions needed for its upcoming lion safari park.

In fact, it is the successful Iguana breeding programme, which is helping the Nehru zoo officials in exchange of new animals. "Every zoological park in the country is on the lookout for Iguanas because of their rarity. ," said Nehru Zoological Park Director P. Bhaskar Reddy.

From Chennai

The Chennai Zoological Park has also agreed to provide the Nilgiri langur in exchange for Iguana and few bird species . "It took us a lot of time in getting due permission from the Central Zoo Authority for the exchange. We are trying to quicken the process of transfer of animals so that they can be brought here by this year," Mr. Reddy said.